Check the bakery case to see what flavors and specials we have available today! We don't always have all items available. 

Muffin $2.50

Cookie $1.75

Brownie $2.75

Quick Bread $2.50

Granola Bar $2.75

Pretzel $2.25 Thursday Special

Cinnamon Roll $3.25 Friday Special   

Scone $3.00                                  

Crumb Cake $3.00                

Breakfast Cookie $1.50         

Bar $3.00                            

Quick Bread $2.50                   

Granola $3.50                 

English Muffin $2.00   




The bagel is the pride and joy of Maple’s bakery.

Making the bagel dough is a 24 hour long process. We make the dough on the first day, it is cut and then shaped by hand; a time consuming and laborious process. They then go into the fridge for an overnight slow rise. In the early morning the bagels are boiled in small batches, hand seeded, and then baked until they are a perfect golden brown. 

We also make our cream cheeses from scratch. Every vegetable, bit of bacon, scallion, ect. are prepared by our staff and whipped into the cream cheese.

Bagel $1.90 Plain, Everything, Sesame, Salt, Asiago, Poppy, Montreal Spice, Sweet & Salty Rosemary

Cream Cheese $1.00 Plain, Veggie, Bacon Scallion, Jalapeño Cheddar, Maple, Honey Rosemary, Lox

~There is no guarantee we will have all options listed available in our shop~ 

In order to serve all of our customers as we continue to grow we have implemented a 1 dozen limit on bagels.

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